About Us

Blue Jays was born in 1977 when the “mums + 1” from the Wilston Grange U16A team decided to give netball a go themselves. Not wanting to play on Saturdays, they cast around and settled on the BNA’s Wednesday night competition. Blue Jays has been a presence at Bradbury Park since that first season.

From those humble beginnings, Blue Jays has grown to be one of the largest clubs playing fixtures at Bradbury Park, where we play a mixed competition. This gives us the ability to cater for players wishing to play more socially as well as the senior and junior players wishing to push themselves in a more competitive environment.

We strongly encourage our players, parents and supporters to get involved and will assist prospective coaches and umpires to gain accreditation to further develop the quality of netball for us all.

Annual General Meeting 30th January 2022 - President Address

I’d like to thank everyone for attending the Annual General Meeting today.

I would like to spend some time today thanking the many people that ensures Blue Jays continues to go from strength to strength.


Firstly, to our members – our players and parents. A huge thank you for returning season after season to Blue Jays. It is an honour for our Committee, Coaches and Volunteers to provide the foundation for our members lifelong love of netball. We know that the past year or 2 have been interrupted with COVID along with other challenges and we want you to know that we exhaust all opportunities we can to keep players on court and also training.


To the Blue Jays executive committee –

·        Julie Garner our Vice President,

·        Teagan Antonie our Secretary

·        And Greg Taylor our Treasurer

This team has assisted the club and me over the past 12 months. They work tirelessly and at the expense of time with their own families to get players on the court, keep members updated and to ensure the financial viability of the club.


I want to thank Bec Beaton and her team for choosing teams that really out shone throughout the year but especially over the Winter Day Season in 2021.


Out of 32 teams of which 28 were in competitive divisions.

·        18 teams made the top 4

·        12 teams made it into a grand final

·        9 teams won their division

      3 teams came runners up

·       Our Junior teams won every division – this sets the scene for strength in coming years

·        In probably the best news from Winter Day Season, Blue Sapphires took out Div 1 premiership. It has been a long time of being runners up but 2021 was the Sapphires year – congratulations to the players, coach Bec Beaton and support crew.


As you have just heard, Blue Jays teams performed well but they also had fun and helped build on the culture of the club.


A special shout out to all our coaches for giving up your time not just to coach the girls but be mentors to them through wins and losses. THANK YOU for all that you do and for returning season after season.


Thank you also to our umpires, we have had some great results with some badging and girls progressing on their journey. We saw a number of umpires being selected for umpiring at rep carnivals and State Age tournament. We are looking forward to further development in 2022 as well with more opportunities being offered.


To Courtney, our uniform convener – thank you.  You do an amazing job getting all our players, coaches, umpires and committee looking great and always ready for each season.


And finally, I know it takes a village to run a netball club so to everyone who contributes in any way – thank you so much, we really appreciate all contributions as we know it’s what makes Blue Jays great!


Thank You